Self-Direction/Choice Voucher

Self-Direction allows a person receiving mental health or developmental disability services to decide how they want to purchase of approved services using a fixed amount of Medicaid dollars. Your Person-Centered Plan determines your individual budget (the amount of money available to you). Self-direction is available for any adult who receives public mental health services. Self-direction is also available to parents of children enrolled in the Children’s Waiver or Habilitative Supports (HAB) Waiver program.

Self-direction supports your rights as a citizen to control your resources so that you may make your own choices, be part of the community and have meaningful relationships.

Want To Know More About Self-Direction Budgets?

As part of the planning process, a Self-Direction Budget will be developed. This budget will include costs of all supports and services that have been approved by Shiawassee Health & Wellness to meet the goals agreed to in your Person Centered Plan. The money in your individual budget can only be used for the services and supports in the plan approved by SHW.

If you choose to hire staff or an agency directly as the employer of record, the funds will be sent to a fiscal intermediary to pay the professional providers or the staff you choose to provide the services and supports in your plan. Or, if you have decided to use an agency to act as the managing employer, SHW will use the budget funds to pay the professional providers or staff directly on your behalf. You will receive monthly statements so you and your support team can see how you are doing with your budget.

Support teams must look at all community resources that can help you achieve your dreams. Hiring your own staff, controlling your own budget and directing the services provided by SHW allows you to structure your own life.

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Self-Direction Four Principles


The ability for you, with chosen family and/or friends, to plan your life, including:

  • Who you live with and where you live
  • Who you have relationships with
  • Which community organizations and group you want to belong


Your ability to control a certain sum of dollars on your behalf; arrange your services according to your needs and desires, including working in partnership with your circle of friends and family to decide how resources are used to buy things you need/want.


Your support network are those people you surround yourself with who help you develop and reach your dreams – Family, Friends, a Support Coordinator, Case Manager, or Neighbor. These are the people here for you – formal or informal, paid or unpaid.


Your acceptance of a valued role in your community. This includes your employment, general caring for others, and participation in improvements to the public service system through active citizenship participation, according to your own values/desires.